Nathan Peterson

Today's Challenge Will Be Gone Tomorrow

The challenge you face today will not last.

It can feel like our challenges will last forever. They won't. They always pass.

We're often surprised when the clouds part. Don't be. Learn to expect today's challenge to pass, quickly. Learn to expect this from within the challenge. This is not just positive thinking; it's thinking more realistically.

Instead of feeling like a victim each time a challenge arises, you can rise to the challenge. You can see each one for what it is: an opportunity to practice.

This is all practice.

And practice is how we grow.

Can you imagine the power of this mental shift in your life, from victim to practitioner?

In order for us to make this shift, our perspective has to outgrow our challenge.

If the challenge seems big, your perspective may be too small.

Don't waste time trying to shrink challenges; grow perspective.

Next time you find yourself in a storm, don't fight, run, or hide. Instead, slow down. Take a breath--a preemptive sigh of relief. Rest is available now, not just when the storm is over. Practice taking that rest.

Then, look up, metaphorically and literally. Let what is have your attention. Practice seeing beyond the storm.

This challenge is so much smaller than you think. And you are so much bigger. Practice feeling and embracing that.

Now, come back to the storm. Do things feel different? What's changed? Nothing has changed, except for you. You are growing because of your challenges. How amazing is that?!

Today's challenge will be over in an instant, and with it your opportunity to practice, and to grow. Don't miss it!

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