Nathan Peterson


Nathan Peterson is a thoughtful and introspective artist whose work explores the depths of the human experience.

As a singer-songwriter, his folk, indie, and ambient-influenced compositions blend raw, emotive vocals with poetic lyrics that delve into themes of love, loss, healing, togetherness, and personal growth.

Beyond music, Nathan is also a powerful communicator, blending storytelling and mindfulness practices to foster deeper presence and connection. With vulnerable honesty, he shares personal insights and experiences that resonate on a profound, almost mystical level, guiding audiences inward towards deeper self-awareness and a greater sense of compassion, generosity, and courage.

Born in Chicago and raised in Germany, Colorado, and Illinois, Nathan now resides in Chicago with his wife and five children.


Here are some of my favorite appearances: Upworthy, Tiny Buddha, Open To Hope, Post Consumer Reports.


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