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I'm Nathan Peterson.

I write songs, essays, books, and lead keynotes exploring finding and embodying our authentic voice in this world. 🌊 🌎Join me on this journey through my patron community and my newsletter, and reach out via email.


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People today often feel anxious and disconnected, longing to come back to the present moment--to breathe and rest. As a speaker, writer, and musician, I help people to experience a deeper sense of safety and connection.By engaging our physical senses and releasing control of our breath, we signal to our nervous system that we are safe in this present moment--loosening the grip of anxious thoughts. This helps us to open up and become receptive, letting life flow freely through us as breath, light, and sound.This openness not only connects us with the world around us but also with our whole, authentic selves. The walls inside us begin to come down, freeing us to connect more deeply with each other. We experience the visceral truth that we are not alone. Life continues to flow freely through us as support and love.From this place of safety and connection, we find the courage to share our true voice--to be our genuine self. This shift is crucial for our culture's continued growth, as it can ripple outwards and positively lead to a more present and connected world.

"Nathan is a gifted artist who is profoundly thoughtful and capable of feeling the rhythms of the moment. His peaceful and calming presence, along with his beautiful voice, allowed our audience to open fully to what they needed and to deeply receive." — Shari O'Loughlin, CEO, The Compassionate Friends

"We appreciated Nathan’s inspiring and heart-felt presentation. His gentle, engaging speaking style and musical gift captivated our diverse audience. Many people had very positive feedback and commented that they left with a sense of peace and calmness." —Sheila A. Reed, MDiv, BCC, OSF Healthcare

I am currently booking speaking/performance engagements for 2024/25. Reach out—I'm excited to partner with you!


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Music opens a channel to the heart like nothing else can. My live concerts are a space for us to experience togetherness, healing, and rest, no matter our circumstances.I'm currently assembling a series of concerts for helping people breathe and be together again.View my public concert schedule here.

"Collaborating with Nathan Peterson at our International Conference was truly a delight. His inspirational music and soulful resonance deeply resonated with everyone in attendance, touching their hearts in profound ways." —Rebecca Horsley Bara, Director of Community Outreach and Engagement, Open To Hope

"I greatly appreciated Nathan's contribution to our annual conference. His musical talent, honesty, and caring spirit were just what people needed."
— Andy McNiel, Co-Founder and Executive Partner, The Satori Group

I am currently booking speaking/performance engagements for 2024/25. Reach out—I'm excited to partner with you!


I write songs about life, loss, grief, healing, faith, and hope.Stream all Nathan's Music on every major platform ↗


My newest single release.
I wrote it in the thick of Covid.
It’s not a pro or anti statement; it’s a song about being here for each other.
Read more about Masks here.

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My two solo albums were recorded during and after the life of our beautiful 4th child, Olivia.

Dance Again

Nathan Peterson, Dance Again (album cover)

My latest solo album.
It contains songs about grief, darkness, anger, healing, and hope... my most intimate writing to date.
Dance Again
Is it a Sin?
Don't Rush to Get Up

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So Am I

Nathan Peterson, So Am I (album cover)

My debut solo album.
Songs about living with uncertainty, fear, and miracles. I wrote this album during my daughter Olivia's life--she was not supposed to survive birth, but lived 14 months and changed our view of life forever.
So Am I
Inch of Water
Rest in You

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In 1999 I started the rock band Hello Industry. We toured together for 18 years, released four albums — Matter, MaryAnn, Fooled, a collection of songs about identity and finding your Voice — and spanned several music genres including rock, alternative, folk, electronic, and classical.


Matter by Hello Industry and Nathan Peterson

My latest rock album.
It's is about wrestling through fear and insecurity to discover our intrinsic value as human beings.

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MaryAnn by Hello Industry and Nathan Peterson

My sophomore rock album.
Songs about finding our identity.

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Fooled by Hello Industry and Nathan Peterson

My very first album.
Recorded with my band Hello Industry in 2006.

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A song about being here for each other in our darkest moments. I wrote this during covid. It had nothing to do with my opinion about masks. But as I passed someone on a walk, despite their mask, I noticed their eyes. For a moment, I felt connected to another human being. It warmed my heart. I went home and began to write this song. A mask is not a mask if we don't cover up our eyes.As I wrote, I remembered the night of our daughter Olivia's birth. It was a terrifying experience. She wasn't supposed to survive the emergency delivery. I remembered a nurse whose presence was palpable and brought a sense to both me and my wife that we were not alone. This was way before covid, but being an OR nurse, she was of course wearing a mask. It didn't dampen our connection--the connection was through our eyes.Then I remembered a friend of ours, Amy, who rushed into our room at 4am, took Olivia into her arms and held both Olivia and my wife. We were able to cry, and eventually to sleep in the presence of our friend who was not going to let us be there alone. She stayed with us until the morning. I don't know if we would have survived that night without her.This song is our song. The nurse and us. Amy and us. The person walking with the mask and me. You and me. Even in the darkest night. Through obstacles. We are here for each other. We are not alone.

Who'd have known that this is where we'd be?
Broke down, torn apart,
In a bleak, cold night where we can't see what is going on.
We are cold, pulled apart, trying to stay a little warm...A mask is not a mask if we don't cover up our eyes.
When our hands are tied behind our backs through never-ending nights,
Our eyes can still say everything, like...
You are not alone.
I am here.
I am here with you now,
'Till the morning comes,
Close your eyes,
I am here with you tonight.
We are cold, pulled apart, trying to stay a little warm...But a mask is not a mask if we don't cover up our eyes.
When our hands are tied behind our backs through never-ending nights,
Our eyes can still say everything, like...
You are not alone.
I am here.
I am here with you now,
'Till the morning comes,
Close your eyes.
You are not alone,
I am here with you now,
And I still see your smile--
It's in your eyes,
And I am smiling back at you tonight.
I am here with you tonight.

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Dance Again

A song about not wanting to dance again after heartbreak. I started writing this song several months after my daughter died as a song about not wanting to write any more songs. It was a way for me to re-enter songwriting that felt honest. While I was writing it, we found out we were pregnant with another child. The thought of dancing with another baby through the night was unbearable. I didn't want anyone to occupy the space I held for Olivia in my heart. I also felt incredibly guilty for feeling that way. When Benjamin came, I realized there was a separate space for him--a whole world of joy and love. Olivia's space remains today.

I may write another song, maybe even the perfect one,
But it won't ever be the same.
I may take another try, pick my feet up for another mile,
But it won't ever be the same.
I don't want to dance again.
Tell the music not to play.
I can see her, I can feel her face.
I don't want to dance again.
Seasons change and memories fade,
Tears dry, but scars remain,
Things are never gonna be the same.

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A song of permission to be only where you are. I wrote this song during my grief journey. These words have brought me so much comfort. If I could say anything to the world, it would be this.It's not a marathon.
You don't have to be strong.
It's okay to fall apart.
You can only be where you are.
You don't have to control--
The waves will come and they will go.
It's not a marathon.

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Inch of Water

A song about the fear of running out of time, money, energy, or anything else. I wrote this song during my daughter's short life. She was highly disabled and we had to stop working in order to take care of her 24/7. Not only did I feel like I was failing my other children, but I felt like I was terrified that we would run out of money. And yet... everyone was fine. In any given moment, regardless of my thoughts about running out (of time, money, energy, sleep, whatever), we were all fine. Everything was fine. Through this process, I learned that the fear of running out had influenced me most of my life. And my whole life, in any given moment, everyone was fine. I was fine. I realized that it was safe to let this fear go. Even when my daughter was terminally ill. Even when our bank account showed numbers that scared me. Even when [fill in the blank with the things that scare you the most]. These fears--not the situations but the fears in my mind--had held me back my entire life. We are made for more than worrying, preventing, holding on... we are made to fly. We have wings... we've always had them.

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Over the course of our daughter Olivia's life, I wrote two books about grief, healing and rest.

So Am I: 14 Months of Life, Living, and Letting Go

So Am I book by Nathan Peterson

A collection of my writings during the 14-month life of our beautiful, terminal daughter, Olivia.

Dance Again: Grief is Healing

Dance Again: Grief is Healing, by Nathan Peterson

I wrote Dance Again at a time in my life when I was experiencing what many of us are experiencing today: uncertainty, fear, and grief.

About Nathan

Nathan Peterson is a thoughtful and introspective artist whose work explores the depths of the human experience.As a singer-songwriter, his folk, indie, and ambient-influenced compositions blend raw, emotive vocals with poetic lyrics that delve into themes of love, loss, healing, togetherness, and personal growth.Beyond music, Nathan is also a powerful communicator, blending storytelling and mindfulness practices to foster deeper presence and connection. With vulnerable honesty, he shares personal insights and experiences that resonate on a profound, almost mystical level, guiding audiences inward towards deeper self-awareness and a greater sense of compassion, generosity, and courage.Born in Chicago and raised in Germany, Colorado, and Illinois, Nathan now resides in Chicago with his wife and five children.

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Here are some of my favorite appearances: Upworthy, Tiny Buddha, Open To Hope, Post Consumer Reports.


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Music brings us together. It helps us connect with each other, with ourselves, and with life all around us. This connection feels especially crucial right now.My patrons are partners in creating music, books, and spaces that support the world in coming back together. Their belief in my work has been foundational from the very beginning.Thank you for your part in all I do. I'm truly honored to have you here.If you resonate deeply with this mission and want to become a Patron, go here.