I am a singer-songwriter, speaker, author, workshop leader, founding member of the band Hello Industry, periodic podcast guest, church leadership coach, husband, father, and human being.

Nathan Peterson 2023

In light of the pandemic and the many challenges our world has recently faced, I support people — through music, speaking, and meditation — to come back together, and to feel more present and deeply connected to themselves, to each other, and to the world around them.

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Conferences and Events Speaker

I speak at conferences and events to help us slow down and feel more present and able to fully engage with the things right in front of us… the things which matter most.

I have worked on a national level for conferences, staff retreats, and student events for over two decades.

Nathan is a gifted artist who is profoundly thoughtful and capable of feeling the rhythms of the moment. Nathan's peaceful and calming presence, along with his beautiful voice, allowed our audience to open fully to what they needed and to deeply receive. He is a joy.

— Shari O'Loughlin, CEO, The Compassionate Friends

My presentations are from 20-90 minutes and include speaking, workshop-style exploration, and music.

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I speak to the unique season we are in, with so many people struggling to make sense of the profound isolation and upheaval in our world. Taking a moment to bring our awareness to where we are — to be fully here and together — is a powerful way to deepen our sense of well-being, discover our own identity, and experience community more deeply.

Including a moment like this as part of your event supports attendees on a human level, unifying them despite personal and cultural differences, and helping them fully engage with your event. This not only increases each person's ability to more fully receive the benefits of the event, but it can increase the quality of the event itself as each person contributes to the energy in the room simply by being more present.

I am currently accepting engagements for speaking in 2023/24. I look forward to partnering with you!

I greatly appreciated Nathan's contribution to our annual conference. His musical talent, honesty, and caring spirit were just what people needed.

— Andy McNiel, Co-Founder and Executive Partner, The Satori Group

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My concerts are a space to experience togetherness and healing.

My Togetherness Tour is a series of musical concerts that help people breathe and be together again. If you would like to host a concert for your community, city or organization, let me know!


I write songs about life, loss, grief, healing, faith, and hope.

Masks Album Art

Masks is my newest single release. I wrote this in the thick of Covid. It’s not a pro or anti statement; it’s a song about being here for each other.

My two solo albums were recorded during and after the life of our beautiful 4th child, Olivia.

Dance Again Album Art

Dance Again is my latest solo album. It contains songs of grief — darkness, anger, healing, and hope... my most intimate writing to date.

So Am I Album Art

So Am I is my debut solo album — 4 songs about living with uncertainty, fear, and miracles. I wrote this album during my daughter Olivia’s life — she was not supposed to survive birth, but lived 14 months. She changed our view of life forever.

The albums Matter, MaryAnn, and Fooled were recorded with my band, Hello Industry. They are collections of songs about identity and finding your Voice.

Matter Album Art

Matter is my latest rock album. It's is about wrestling through fear and insecurity to discover our intrinsic value as human beings.

MaryAnn Album Art

MaryAnn is my sophomore rock album — songs about finding our identity.

Fooled Album Art

Fooled is my very first album, recorded with my band Hello Industry in 2006.


Over the course of our daughter Olivia's life, I wrote two books about grief, healing and rest.

Dance Again Book

Dance Again: Grief is Healing is a book I wrote at a time in my life when I was experiencing what many of us are experiencing today: uncertainty, fear, and grief.

So Am I Book

So Am I: Life, Living, and Letting Go is a collection of my writings during the 14-month life of our beautiful, terminal daughter, Olivia.

Founding member of band Hello Industry

In 1999 I started the rock band Hello Industry. We toured together for 18 years, released four albums — Matter, MaryAnn, Fooled, and Hymnsongs — and spanned several music genres including rock, alternative, folk, worship, electronic, and classical.

Podcast guest

Here are some of my favorite appearances: Open To Hope, The People of Peoria, Peoria Music Live, Post Consumer Reports, Upworthy.


I lead workshops to help us find connection through the breath and voice in singing, speaking, and songwriting.

For ten years I have studied and practiced voice, breathing, and movement techniques from great traditions such as Alexander, Rodenberg, Linklater, and Fitzmaurice. I have studied in particular how these practices relate to music, human connection, and spiritual presence.

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Church leadership coach

For over twenty years I have led worship at national conferences and churches, coached worship pastors, and trained worship leaders, singers, musicians, and production teams. For 10 years I led one of America’s fastest growing churches’ worship ministry, building a community of musicians, leaders, and technical artists. During this time, I learned the difference between building something which “works” — starting with the end result in mind; using volunteers to reach that goal — and cultivating something which genuinely embodies and reveals the personality and potential of the artists and leaders of a community. My workshops and coaching give tools for achieving the latter.

I have also discovered — through my experience as a pastor and as a human being — ways that worship is already happening in our being, without our trying, and how we can come into harmony with that kind of worship, resulting in a deeper experience of God, of ourselves, and of community. My speaking and workshops give practical tools for exploring this kind of worship.

I present to church leadership teams, worship teams, and entire church communities. My presentations are anywhere from 20-90 minutes and include speaking, workshop-style exploration, and music.

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I am currently accepting engagements in 2023/24.

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Nathan Peterson's Bio

Nathan Peterson is an accomplished singer-songwriter and speaker known for his emotive, soulful music and insightful talks. With over 20 years of experience in the music industry, Nathan has released several albums, including two solo projects. His platinum-certified solo release, 'So Am I', is especially noteworthy, having gained widespread admiration and high regard from fans all over the world. Nathan's dynamic performances and powerful message have captivated audiences across the country.

In addition to his music, Nathan is also a respected speaker who has delivered inspiring talks at conferences, workshops, and other events. Drawing on his own life experiences and struggles, Nathan shares his message of hope, healing, and resilience with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Born in Chicago and raised in Germany, Colorado, and Illinois, Nathan's upbringing exposed him to a diverse array of cultures and musical traditions, which have influenced his unique sound. Today, he resides in Chicago with his wife and five children, where he continues to create music and speak to audiences around the world.


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