Nathan Peterson


Nathan Peterson

Nathan Peterson

Keynote, "How To Be Free"

A sensory and musical experience of freedom and togetherness. Employing his expertise in breath and music, Nathan guides audiences to breathe more freely and allow hope, creativity, and generosity to flow. Leave feeling rejuvenated, reconnected, and ready to engage wholeheartedly with whatever is next.

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"Nathan is a gifted artist who is profoundly thoughtful and capable of feeling the rhythms of the moment. His peaceful and calming presence, along with his beautiful voice, allowed our audience to open fully to what they needed and to deeply receive." - Shari O'Loughlin, CEO, The Compassionate Friends


Nathan opens conferences and events by guiding the audience more fully into the room, helping them breathe freely and open their senses and heart to whatever the event has in store. This can profoundly deepen people's ability to engage.


Nathan closes conferences and events by creating space for the audience to slow down, breathe freely, and begin to digest what they have just received as they transition to "real life."

Musical Guest

Nathan is also available as a musical guest, adding an element of entertainment and human connection. Choose from a selection of all of Nathan's music to add the perfect moment to your event.

"We appreciated Nathan’s inspiring and heart-felt presentation. His gentle, engaging speaking style and musical gift captivated our diverse audience. Many people had very positive feedback and commented that they left with a sense of peace and calmness." - Sheila A. Reed, MDiv, BCC, OSF Healthcare

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Who is this for? To name a few…

With over 25 years of experience performing and presenting at national conferences and events, Nathan adds an immediate deepening of human connection and helps audiences of any type to engage more fully with the event and receive all it has to offer.

Organizational Health/Wellness Initiatives
With the focus on breath and conscious presence, Nathan's teachings align with organizations promoting employee wellness programs that move beyond just physical health.

Leadership/Executive Teams
Nathan's messages about letting go of striving, and finding clarity and presence provides an impactful counterpoint to the hustle culture that often permeates corporate leadership. His daughter's story also humanizes the importance of being present.

Corporate Social Responsibility/Ethics Groups
Nathan's emphasis on revealing our innate light and acting from a place of courage, creativity, and generosity speak to organizations wanting to reinforce ethical principles.

Innovation/Creativity Corporate Think Tanks
Nathan's view that presence unlocks infinite creativity and our "true voice" resonates with organizations trying to foster more innovative thinking.

Personal/Professional Development Groups
Nathan's holistic approach synthesizing music, storytelling, and experiential exercises speaks to employee resource groups focused on integrated personal growth.

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Nathan Peterson