Nathan Peterson

Maybe it’s Not About Holding On

We all go through these awful seasons, and in the middle of them we’re thinking in days and weeks, but later we realize our best seasons of growth take years. Years is a long time to fight, and you’ll eventually run out of steam, but if you can learn to rest in the middle of the pain — to stop fighting — to accept your current situation and live now, not later when things get better - that’s when the most dark moments can become beautiful.

I wrote these words seven years ago; I am still learning what they mean. I suppose it's appropriate that it would take years to learn.

I felt compelled to share these words with you today. Along with an invitation, if you're up for it, to try it with me today:

For a moment, step back from today. Step back from this week. And see your life in years and decades and generations...

Then, come back to now. But bring with you only the perspective you were just given.

Think, act, and breathe from here, not where you were before.

When you do this, what do you notice about your thoughts? Your body? Your heart?

Maybe it’s not about holding on. Maybe it’s better to let go.

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