Nathan Peterson

An Important Message From Your Body

I want to share something with you that I've been exploring daily and teaching from stages all over. It is super simple, yet can profoundly deepen the quality of our life.

I'm going to share 3 words with you that I hope with all of my heart you can fully receive. I think this one sentence can change your life and the world. I'll share it at the end :), but first I want to help you prepare yourself to receive it.

To do this, I'll lead you through a simple breathing exploration, one I do often. I'm asking that you don't just read this, but actually do it with me. Give yourself just 5 minutes. And please let me know (comments or reply) how it goes…

First, turn all of your attention to your breath. If your focus wanders, gently bring it back.

Don't try to change anything. Just watch your breath, the way you would watch the waves of the ocean.

The waves come in, and they go out. Not one is exactly the same as another. See if you can simply let them be as they are. Notice what you notice.

When a wave has fully come in, you'll feel a point of transition where it changes from coming in to going out; at this point, it will feel almost suspended. When you come to this point, very intentionally let go. It may feel like dropping something, or a sigh of relief. Do it a few times.

Remember: you are not trying to do anything; you are intentionally doing less.

Now, try the same at the opposite point of transition, just after the wave has fully gone out and is about to come back in. Don't hold the breath out, but don't pull it in either. Only let go. It may feel dangerous--like you might suffocate due to lack of breath. Just wait.

…if you're still with me, I'll assume you are still breathing! :)

Try stringing these letting-go's together, at both points of transition. Keep your attention on the waves--a passive watching. Stay here for as long as you want before reading on. Notice what you notice…

Now, keeping your attention on the waves, ask yourself this question: who is doing the breathing? You may start to feel less like the "breather" and more like you are "being breathed." What a beautiful possibility.

Notice all you can from this place. There is so much I want to say to you while you are here! But for now, I'm only going to share this one sentence with you. See if you can truly receive it:

You are safe.

PS. From this sense of safety, what does your heart say to do next? Do that now.

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