Your Worship Feels Like a Concert

"Your worship feels like a concert."

My response: "Thanks!"

No, I'm not trying to impress you. No, I'm not trying to feed my ego. No, I'm not only here to entertain you. But I don't think that's the case for real concert-playing musicians either. When I go to a concert:

Consequently, when I attend most worship services:

But you don't want a concert at your church. So mission accomplished I guess. Be honest. Is it because there's something intrinsically wrong with secular concert elements, or is it because you're scared? It always feels more safe to create clear lines between "us" and "them". To use complaint-reduction as a decision-making tactic. To do things in a way which removes any possible questioning of your motives or character. More safe for you. But extremely harmful to the Church.

My suggestion (plea): CHANGE this now. Learn from professional musicians and audio/light engineers and incorporate the amazing power of what they've learned into the worship experience at your church. Unleash the passionate musicians and techs in your church to do their thing all of the way. Take the leash off. Teach them to do it better - not by "church standards" but by real, world-class standards. Hire "secular" people to train them. And when the "too loud" and "this is a concert" complaints come in (and they will, I promise), learn how to address them with respect, but without changing course. If you're a worship pastor, your job is not to eliminate complaints (not you either, sr pastor ;)). Your job is to identify, give real authority to, and release the artists in your church to do the thing that God made natural inside of them.

Let's stop controlling and start releasing.

Stop stifling and start pushing.

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