Public workshops will be listed here periodically.

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Freedom and Presence in Breath and Voice

for singers, performers, speakers, actors, teachers

We explore the journey of our voice — physiologically and philosophically — from inspiration all the way to the listener’s ear.

We explore challenges and opportunities around finding one’s voice and sharing it freely.

We address anxiety and perfectionism on stage, and how to incorporate them rather than fight them.

We explore the stage as an opportunity for a truly connective and nutritive experience for the performer, and how this leads to the same for the audience.

No public voice workshops currently scheduled.

Songwriting Workshops

for songwriters and those interested in songwriting

I lead the group in a 20-30 minute exploration of a specific aspect of writing and sharing songs. Then songwriters take turns exploring this same aspect while performing for each other.

Songwriter workshops are often oriented around the mechanics of writing songs which produce a certain outcome (catchy, radio-friendly, etc)... although these can be very useful, this is not that kind of workshop. My workshops are oriented around the possibility of a song as a conduit for deep human connection, and our opportunity as songwriters and performers to lead our culture in a much-needed way.

No public songwriting workshops currently scheduled.

Thank you for teaching me to tap into a part of me I never knew existed! — workshop attendee