Dear Potential Patron

For over 20 years I have been using my Voice and music to support others in finding honest connection—connection within, with each other, and with God.

In recent years, my personal journey has led me down difficult paths of grief and loss. In the most recent months, these same paths have begun leading me to healing and hope—things I never expected to find on the same path as grief and loss. This gives me great hope—for my own life, and also for our world today.

My way of leading has always been: I can only lead where I myself am going. In the past, this has worked well for me, but over the past few years, while "where I myself am" has been primarily grief and loss, this way of leading has made my value as a leader confusing to me. Why would anyone want to follow me into pain, grief, or feelings of loss? I wondered if I had anything left to offer.

As my path has transformed from grief-and-loss-only to a beautiful mixture of both grief and healing, both loss and hope, and as the entire world has seemly, this year, started down very similar paths of grief and loss, I have begun to regain my sense of direction as a leader.

There were points for me during the past few years where I had just about lost all hope. But, if I had given up, if I had stopped short on this path, I don't believe I would have found my way out of the dark. As I watch our world on similar paths, my heart practically leaps from my chest, crying: You are on a good path; Keep going; Don't give up!

If I had to figure out how to communicate hope to the world right now, I would be completely overwhelmed. Traditional methods are not going to work anymore. Thankfully, I don't have to figure it out—I have already written it down, in the form of two books and two albums of songs, written specifically for the person who finds him/herself on the path we all find ourselves on today, for the person who needs real support for moving forward.

I thought what I had written in these two books and two albums was simply a lament—a recording of my experience during that time in my life. I now understand that these works were written for me—to support me in continuing forward. Now these works are for our world.

I don't know the exact steps for helping during this time, but I am sure that God has helped me on my path in order to help support others now as they walk their own.

For me to fully support others in this way, I need a community of active and significant support around me and my family. As the entire music industry has crumbled this year, the need for support from non-traditional channels is more clear than ever. I believe a better channel of support for artists today is through community. Patronage is a way for a community to support an artist as the artists does his/her work of supporting their world.

Right now I have 7 patrons whose support has been foundational for me and my family over the past several years. I have other streams of income such as streaming royalties, album and book sales, and ticket sales (these have been paused during COVID), but patronage is my most consistent form of significant support, which has allowed me to take risks and try things with the other streams in order to grow them without fear of losing all of my income with a single mistake! Although these 7 patrons have been a huge support, the reality is that I need 10-12 times more of this kind of support in order to not just make ends meet but to take significant steps in connecting my work with where it is most needed in the world.

I want to help clear a significant path for hope and healing in our world—in our culture—which leads many people to honest connection within, with each other, and with God. If this mission resonates with you—if you want to support my work as an artist and a leader in our world—I would love for you to become a patron.

I use a service called to manage monthly or annual contributions and to communicate with patrons. You can sign up for any amount, and you can change your amount however you feel led over time.

I'm excited about what good and sustaining thing we can build together. Thank you for considering!

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Nathan Peterson

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