Once I Get On My Feet

How many times have you started a sentence that way?

"Once I get on my feet I'll..."

"As soon as... then I'll..."

It's a piece of equipment. A loan. Someone's approval. A sure sign from God Almighty. An open door. A few more dollars in the bank. One more book on the subject under your belt. A degree. Some condition.

How would you live your life if someone told you that the condition would never be met - that you'd never "get on your feet"? That you'll never have enough money or time or approval or clarity. Then what?

Are you prepared to let your dream or calling die?

Here's what I think: I think that 99% of the human potential in our world is **waiting. And I believe it will die that way.

And I don't think unmet conditions have anything to do with it. These conditions we lay out are just a smoke screen meant to hide the real truth - that we're scared. I'll say it plainly here: People don't act on their greatest passions and callings because they're afraid. What if I fail? Or even, what if I succeed?! Then what?

It's much safer to keep our calling on the horizon. Then it's always in sight. It's always possible. It never dies. But let's be honest: It was never alive to begin with, was it?

If you're waiting to get on your feet, you can start by getting off of your butt. ;)

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