Live Concerts

I play songs about rest, hope, grief, and healing for conferences, theaters, churches, and in living rooms. Live concerts are such a powerful and intimate way to experience healing music and togetherness.


Nathan Peterson and Hello Industry live concert performance

Nathan Peterson live house concert in Peoria Illinois

"Talked for an hour about how beautiful last night was. I can’t express the satisfaction in my heart today."

Nathan Peterson live solo concert performance in Peoria Illinois



I've played concerts in Peoria for 16 years. This "if it plays in Peoria" tagline has come to mind many times as we've created and debuted many different concerts in Peoria. Our rock band, Hello Industry, has played at the Civic Center Arena, CEFCU Center Stage, and the old Stage 2 Building where AC/DC played back in the 70s. We've played classical concerts in Peoria home, with piano and strings. We've played electronic concerts in Peoria warehouses. And lately, I've played solo acoustic concerts in Peoria living rooms, sharing healing songs about our life with Olivia.


Since Olivia was born, I've transitioned from playing on stages around the Midwest with my band to playing smaller, intimate acoustic live concerts in living rooms and other spaces, mostly in Peoria and Chicago. These concerts are equally healing for me as they are for others. I love sitting in a room with other human beings and sharing a concert which is full of songs about life: songs for finding our Voice, songs about healing, songs for grieving parents or anyone who is dealing with loss... It is so good to slow down enough to be able to receive live music, to receive the presence of others, to become available and quiet enough to hear our own voice and even the voice of God.

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