I Move That We Kill Christian Culture

I've spent the last few years wondering if I was really a Christian.

I mean, I believe Jesus is who He says He is. I believe He did what the Bible says He did. I'm basing my life and my eternity on it. I write about it. My career and my family are built around it. The fact that I don't have to live and die with the weight of my sin on my back and that I don't have to keep on hurting the people around me and can instead become a light to my family, my friends, and to the world… that's everything to me. And it's all based on Jesus, who He is and what He did and is doing.

So… I guess I am still a Christian. ;)

But why is it that any time I go to a Christian conference or a Christian concert or step into just about any coffee shop in America, I feel out of place? Not just out of place - I want out of that place as fast as possible.

I'm starting to see a differentiation between Christian ity and Christian Culture. Christianity is relevant, powerful, human. Christian Culture is what we've built around Christianity. It's a fad and it changes with the times (typically about 10yrs behind them). And let's be honest - it's obnoxious. Much of the time it feels fake. And if everyone around me is being fake, that means I've now got to be fake. Being fake is so tiring.

I move that we kill Christian Culture.

Who's idea was it that there should be a separate sub-culture of humanity set aside just for us? It wasn't the non-Christians. They don't care one way or the other. It wasn't Jesus. He was ridiculed for not fitting into the Christian Culture of His timeWe made it, for our protection. It's not a necessary thing. It's a harmful thing. We're modern-day Pharisees. They didn't see it then. We don't see it now.

To be very clear, I'm not saying we should hide. We're already hiding.

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