I’ve literally spent years of my life trying to figure out what to do. There are so many options. We live in a time when anyone can be anything. There are so many tools. So much power. So much opportunity. Everyone’s busy. Information is unlimited. Speed of communication is unlimited. There are no boundaries anymore.

With so much freedom and so many options and so many tools, you would think the world would be saturated by effective people who reach their full creative and productive potential, wouldn’t you? I have to say, as I look around and as I look at my own life, I think that while information and tools and opportunity and power are more available than ever, as a culture we are accomplishing things at a slower rate than ever before. Don’t get me wrong - the TOOLS are becoming more amazing and efficient. The INFORMATION is becoming increasingly available. I can find out anything I need to know in minutes on my iPhone and then communicate it to 1000 people on Facebook immediately. But what have I done with that power?

I’ve thought a lot about it. As I said earlier, I’ve spend years trying to figure out how I’ll leave my mark in the world. I’ve spent countless hours carefully choosing the software and the tools to make music that changes humanity. But choosing tools and opening information channels doesn’t DO anything.

The problem hasn’t changed in 6000 years. The problem has never been the tools. It’s never been the availability of information or the speed of communication. It’s been our fear. A fear that if we try something great and it doesn’t work then what else is there for me? If this doesn’t work, I’m done. BUT, if I spend my whole life preparing to do, then I can never become a failure. “I’m just trying to be well prepared.” But that’s it, isn’t it. All we’ll ever be is well prepared - prepared to do what we decide never to do.

Infinite power, infinite tools, infinite resources, infinite communication. Finite world. Finite problems. Yet still a large part of the world struggles to find clean water. Girls are sold to be sex providers the rest of their lives. Children carry guns into wars they don’t understand. People starve. They lose children. They die alone. They commit suicide. The value of the human race slowly deteriorates as we prepare our master plan to save it.

What if all of the tools (excuses) went away? What if all of our fear went away? What if we started doing today. How long would it really take to restore value to humanity?


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