I wrote this book at a time in my life when I was experiencing what many of us are experiencing today: uncertainty, fear, and grief.

I hope that reading this book will support you in discovering how grief can be healing.

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From the book

I am not in control. Freedom is on the other side of this truth. The most important things to us are outside of our control. Maybe that is why they are so valuable to us — we know they are only ours because they have been given.
The only way for Olivia to fade is for us to resume life as the people we used to be — something we can only do by pretending. It is tempting to pretend. The ‘new us’ is damaged goods, broken pieces of people from the past, in a pile on the floor. But we are real. And we are beautiful, even we are not functional…. Continuing life with Olivia. It isn’t possible apart from the pain and suffering we are experiencing. So we accept the pain and suffering as a gift.
You are frozen, but you are in the River’s Current, and the Current is moving. The Current is not stuck. And at least you are here. Most of your life you have been everywhere but where you are. Maybe here is not comfortable or clear. Maybe here is not ‘successful’ or famous. But here is where you are. This is life, and you are finally living it.

What others are saying

Helped me touch in with my own grief, gently, and feel both greater connection to what really matters and deeper healing. I am so grateful! — e-book reader
The story of a man who swings between despair and hope, failure and faithfulness, turmoil and rest, in his pursuit of true humanity... a book that should be read. — Dr. Larry Crabb, author of Shattered Dreams
I just finished reading the book. I was only going to read a few pages and come back to it but read it straight through. Thank you for sharing your heart. — e-book reader

The music

Dance Again: grief is healing is a collection of my writings from the year after our 1-year-old daughter passed away.

I also recorded an album during this time, also called Dance Again. The album is available on all streaming platforms.