2 Tips Regarding Talking Worship Leaders

Here's a pre-tip to start:

Don't say anything if you don't have somethingto say. Worship leaders have got to stop feeling the pressure to bespeakers. Assuming you have something to say… Here are 2 quick, verylogistical tips for worship leaders regarding talking between songs:

Tip#1: If you're on in-ears, take one in-ear out when you go to talk. Always.It helps you hear what your voice sounds like in the room which feels muchmore natural and not as loud. And it let's you hear the subtle feedback fromthe crowd. If they snicker (or gasp), you can hear it and respond realtime.Keeping both in-ears in while singing works because you're mostly listeningto your band. When you're talking, you want to listen to the crowd. Otherwiseit's one-way, and they can tell.

Tip #2: Try to ignore the microphone.Somehow we do this when singing, but not when talking. Talk into it the sameas when you sing. Speak out to the crowd. If you rely on the microphone tocarry your voice, you won't exert. Then you sound like you don't mean it.Imagine you have to talk to the crowd without the mic. If this makes you talklouder than you sing, back off until they match. Ask someone you trust forinput. This is painfully practical for me to even type (seriously, I want todelete this and do a more "spiritual" post right now). And it can even feelfake to pay so much attention to details like this. But that's the wholething.

There's technique involved in coming across in reality the way wecome across in our heads.

The goal should always be to be as real andhonest as possible. So don't go overboard with these and become obnoxious andfake! ;) But just a couple of subtle tweaks can change your tone and make whatyou have to say more audible and more importantly, believable. Hope that'shelpful.

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